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TriHumidAir Add-In for Excel

TriHumidAir is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel versions 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. When installed, TriHumidAir adds many new worksheet functions to Excel that enable the user to perform psychrometrics calculations, i.e., calculate physical properties of humid air, such as relative humidity, humidity ratio, dew point, wet bulb temperature, etc.

Using Trimill's TriHumidAir add-in offers several advantages of over looking up the values from the psychrometrics tables and charts and also over using the stand-alone programs:

  • TriHumidAir add-in enables you to calculate properties of humid air at pressures and temperatures that are not covered by psychrometrics charts and tables. For example, you can use the TriHumidAir worksheet functions to calculate the mixing ratio and relative humidity of the hot air in the dryer recirculation loop, based on wet and dry bulb temperature measurements.
  • The ability to calculate humid air properties inside Excel's spreadsheets enables you to use Excel for HVAC system design and analysis.
  • TriHumidAir includes additional functions, such as those used to calculate heating and cooling of a moist air flow, adiabatic mixing of two streams of moist air, and adiabatic mixing of moist air with injected water or steam.

List of TriHumidAir Functions describes in detail all included functions and their parameters.


The TriHumidAir software package is currently under development. For more information contact us by email at: info@trimill.com

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